Hello, my name is Marissa Ceci.

(and no this is not a blog about food... per se)

Not a food blog you say? Then why would you name it chickpeas and carrots? Allow me to explain...

A wise man named Forrest Gump once said he and the love of his life, Jenny, went together like "peas and carrots"... can you hear him say this in his sweet southern drawl? I feel ya Forrest- but being a Ceci, my husband is quite literally a CHICK pea (“Ceci” in Italian)… so I guess that makes me carrots? Despite the cheesy food metaphors, my husband and I are shamelessly  inexperienced foodies. We love everything about food. Cooking it. Eating it. Exploring it in different cultures. Talking about it. Watching Netflix shows about it. Feeding it to our son, David. You get the idea. So while, no, this blog actually has little to do with food, food has everything to do with US, and this blog is all about our family- our adventures, our travels, and sometimes our everyday lives. Welcome, to (chick)peas & carrots. We hope you feel cozy, encouraged and heaping helping of love every time you stop by.

When I said "yes" to my high school sweetheart, I had no idea the adventures God had to store for us. I knew I was saying "yes" to the United States Air Force, but I kept saying "the Air Force is my husband's job, not our identity" and with every passing year I have learned that is simply not true, and I could not be happier about it. The Lord has begun to warm and mold my heart to not only the military community, but to our new way of life. I have learned that by saying "yes" to Michael, we have said "yes" to a life full of unpredictability, adventure, travel and the most beautiful people and friendships we could have possibly imagined . 

In August of 2016 we moved from Little Rock, AR to Bosenbach, GERMANY! This would be a huge leap of faith and a very special move, as we welcomed our first son, David, into the world right here in Germany. With family and friends that now span the GLOBE I felt it was time to not only create a place to document our own journey, but to be able to keep our loved ones up to date on our adventures. My prayer is that this blog not only serves as my own personal scrapbook/journal, but that the words would reach even one soul out there. Maybe you are a fellow military spouse wondering what you got yourself into, or maybe you are a spirit filled with wanderlust and simply want to hear more about places you plan to travel- whatever your current situation or story- thank you for being here. For being part of this, my journey, across the world with the love of my life, and Christ in my heart.

May the Lord work through us so that as we travel this world far and wide we are a positive force for His good. This is our prayer, as Michael continues to serve this country, we remind ourselves that we really serve One and His plan is constantly unfolding before us if we will just listen, and follow.

Want to get in touch? Shoot me an email at: marissa.ceci@gmail.com

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